Program “Ecos del Cosmos” in Radio Universitat de València

ecos_del_cosmos Three seasons, from 2013 to 2015. Radio magazine of astronomy popularization in Valencian, in Radio Universitat de València. Each program lasts about an hour, and it was presented by Enric Marco and Fernando Ballesteros at the beginning, and also by Amelia Ortiz since late 2014, at which time she joined the team. The team is complemented by the invaluable technical support of Miguel Angel Garcia and Lorena Hernandez for the voiceover.

Program “Ecos del Cosmos” in Onda Cero

foto4 August 2014. Section within the summer edition of the magazine “Julia En Las Ondas (JELO)” in Onda Cero, directed by Julia Otero, and presented during the summer time by Arturo Tellez. Short section (~ 10 minutes) of astronomical information based on the eponymous program in Radio Universitat de València, and presented by Enric Marco and Fernando Ballesteros.

Program “Los Sonidos de la Ciencia” in Radio Nacional de España

einstein Four seasons, from 2005 to 2008. Section inside the weekend magazine of RNE “No es un día cualquiera” directed by Pepa Fernández. In this short section (~ 8 minutes), Bartolo Luque and Fernando Ballesteros together with Pepa Fernández, show different science concepts using sounds as a medium to explain scientific phenomena.