10.000 años mirando estrellas

10.000 años mirando estrellas
Fernando J. Ballesteros and Bartolo Luque
Alianza Editorial
1st edition: 2011
Format: Paperback, 12 x 18.5 cm
336 pages
ISBN: 978-84-206-5081-4
Language: Spanish

Inspired by the great astronomer and popularizer Carl Sagan, Fernando J. Ballesteros and Bartolo Luque show in this volume fifteen small essays to inspire the same encouragement and fervor that Sagan inspired in them. With simplicity, amenity and rigor, 10,000 AÑOS MIRANDO ESTRELLAS (the title refers to the oldest evidences of astronomy on Earth) addresses the more attractive issues of the cosmos for the modern reader: composition and origin of the universe, black holes, meteor behavior and the risks involved, the difficult relationship of the human species with the planet, space exploration, alien life, the wonderful ability to create of Nature and many other unanswered questions.