A 21st-Century Retrospective View about Edgar Allan Poe

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A 21st-Century Retrospective View about Edgar Allan Poe
Nicolás Estévez Fuertes, Amparo Olivares Pardo, Daniel Ogden, Christopher Rollason, A. Emma Sopeña Balordi, Pilar Pedraza Martínez, Michel Duchesneau, Fernando J. Ballesteros Roselló, María Carbonell Olivares, David Ketterer, Miguel Martínez López, Peter Caverzasi, Jaime Siles, Alberto Chimal, Eusebio V. Llácer Llorca.
Peter Lang
1ª edición: 2011
Format: Paperback, 12 x 18.5 cm
257 pages
ISBN: 978-3-0343-0595-2
Language: English

Beyond speculation, analysis and evaluation of different hypotheses, this collection of essays is an attempt to provide innovative and multidisciplinary perspectives from the current point of view of our newly born 21st century about Edgar Allan Poe’s life and works, keeping also in mind the memory of his recent bicentennial celebration (1809-1849).

Among the contributions, different fields of arts such as cinema, literature and science turn this work into an interdisciplinary debate in which the authors disclose and introduce old and new topics, clarify concepts and positions, and above all, testify the huge impact and indelible influence that Poe has permanently exerted on literature, arts and culture worldwide.

The contributions differ according to their diverse approaches, some of them presenting empirical studies, others analyzing Poe’s writings not only from a linguistic, sociological or literary point of view, but also showing their close relationship with film, musicology, style and rhetoric.