Nexus – Ciencias para el mundo contemporáneo
María González, Aida Agea, María Eugenia García, Antonio Hernández, Fernando Jesús Ballesteros
Pearson – Alhambra
1st edition: 2008
Format: Paperback, 21 x 29.7 cm
192 pages
ISBN: 978-84-205-5441-9
Language: Spanish

Science closer than ever – Several teachers and members of the CSIC have participated in the writting and supervision. -It presents an informative character with a relevant and close content, linked to everyday problems of students. It includes major contributions of science and technology, always accompanied by a contemporany critique preventing any kind of dogmatic reflection. -The treatment of the issues and the informative approach, manages to attract the attention even of those students who are not science students. It develops respectful attitudes in society, essential for improving the quality of life and the respect of the environment. – It supports learning with ICT. -A revolutionary new resource that is a substantial change in the way of teaching. An interactive whiteboard is like a traditional one, yet connected to your computer, so it becomes a giant computer screen to use in the classroom. Both the student book and other materials are available to the touch of a pen. • You will have access to any of the pages of the Book of students directly from your whiteboard. • It includes the Book of the entire student. • It improves performance in the classroom. • It makes class preparation and explanations much easier and dynamic.