Moon’s women

Moon’s women
Daniel Roberto Altschuler and Fernando J. Ballesteros
Next Door Publishers – Jot Down Books
1st edition: 2016
Format: Paperback, 15 x 21 cm
376 pages
ISBN: 978-84-944435-4-1
Language: Spanish

On the surface of the Moon we contemplate our history. The selenographic accidents constitute an intact record of the formation of the zone of the Solar System closest to the Earth. Its nomenclature is the reflection of the chiaroscuro of our society. Of the 1586 historic people honored by a crater name, only 28 are women and mostly belong to Europe and the United States.

Throughout the pages of this book, the astronomers and science popularizers Daniel Roberto Altschuler and Fernando J. Ballesteros invite us to reflect on this fact and, above all, give us the opportunity to know more about the lives of these 28 women.

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