Lines of research

For several years I worked in deconvolution techniques and image reconstruction applied to gamma-ray telescopes, especially based on coded mask technology, collaborating in the design and development of gamma-ray missions as INTEGRAL (European Space Agency) and LEGRI (on board INTA’s satellite Minisat 01).

After a postdoc at the Centre for Astrobiology my interests drifted to the study of living things from a physical point of view, complex systems, and how critical behaviors appear in the chaotic border, in the emergence of complexity and in self-organization, doing a considerable work on different kinds of genetic networks and random Boolean networks.

My colleagues and I developed the visibility graph, a tool to study time series converting them into graphs, by using mutual intervisibility of data. The graph so obtained is then analyzed using standard tools of graph theory, obtaining new information about the original series.

As an astronomer, I am involved in the operation of the Observatory of Aras de los Olmos, and in the JPAS survey, to be carried out in the new Astrophysical Center of Javalambre (Teruel).